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We have an experience in development of multilingual web sites thus providing the best adaptation of your information to local target audiences. It is especially important for multinational corporations and any exporting companies.

We know how to localize the site into chosen languages, including its structure, menu, scripts, and forms. It is not a simple sheet translation but adaptation of texts, titles, and even tags, as well as editing of HTML code, creation of new graphic elements with localized texts, works on composition and saving original proportions (For example English phrase 10 symbols long can contain 15-18 symbols in Russian variant, and even up to 20-25 in Ukrainian).

We also can localize Internet and web software applications into Russian, Ukrainian or other language. Our experts will help you for free to estimate the budget for such works and be able to integrate multilingual site into the structure of your online business.

For more details please contact our office.

about company services prices portfolio contacts