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We offer services of registering any domain names and providing documentation on your rights for them as well as consulting on optimal choice of keywords and phrases for the maximal efficiency of a domain name as a marketing tool.

Ukrainian Domains.

Currently we can register Ukrainian regional domain, for example www.yourname.district_name.UA , commercial domain, e.g. - www.your_name.com.ua, organization or non profit domain www.your_name.org.ua, government institution domain , e.g. - www.your_name.gov.ua. The specific issue of registration of all such domains is their delegation for use by corresponding zones' hostmasters. Domains according to Ukrainian regulations don't belong to the registrant as a property but as rights to use.
We expect that soon the registration of second level domains like www.your_name.UA will become available. Then we will offer that service as well. You can check the availability of your Ukrainian domain at the site www.whois.com.ua.
Please don't hesitate to write to us for more details.

International domains.

We can assist you in registering basically any international or regional domains. Since every country (Top level domain) has its own rules you can find more if send your request to us.

about company services prices portfolio contacts