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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM for us is servicing our customers. We run a database on our relations in order to constantly improve our service and learn from every project and customer we work with. Thus we trace the efficiency of services, technologies, and marketing actions. Good CRM is when a Customer comes back to order more with us.


We offer web management services as works on timely updates of the Customers' site with materials provided by them or developed by us upon their request, plans on further site and customers' online business growth. We provide technological advantages of the Internet for the efficient business development particularly for the faster management and marketing decision-making process; real time partner relations; multitasking of human resources; skills development; focusing on strategic issues; attracting qualified personnel.


We often witness situations when Customers delay works because of problems with writing content texts and articles for the site. Web content specifics are unlike in hard copy publishing. We can assist in writing such articles based upon existing marketing materials of the Customer and integrating them into approved design concept. Our services also include full or partial localization of sites into various European languages taking into account the portrait of the target audience. For Russian and Ukrainian versions we can provide also editing and proofreading services.

Site Support and Development.

We don't stop working with Customers after the Web site is published. The most popular net resources are those regularly updated. Customers provide new materials or buy new content, we provide services of fast quality publishing those updates on the server, integration of new chapters and functions of the site with its existing structure and design, regular redesign, scalability of the site. We provide recommendations on site development and improvement of its business efficiency. Our specialists develop custom tools and applications to ease update process for customers and also teach their personnel.

about company services prices portfolio contacts