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When creating web sites we use the most advanced technologies and keep perfecting our skills and experience.

Programming Tools.

We use in our everyday work such technologies as HTML, DHTML, Flash, Cold Fusion, CSS, CGI, ASP, XML, XSL, SSI, SSL and others. The choice of specific technology is a result of the thorough analysis of tasks as it is aimed at the optimal solution. Various web applications are built with Perl, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript and other programming languages

Web Servers.

Our hosting servers work under FreeBSD OS. We constantly follow the updates and patches in order to maximally secure the sites of our Customers


Music, video, voice on the - there is nothing impossible! We can convert multimedia files from one format into another, process sound and images according to your specifications.

Custom Web Applications.

We can develop custom programs and applications for your web site that would be useful specifically for you and your target audience. We have an individual approach to every customer and ready to fulfill every reasonable request. You have just to understand what you need as a result we produce both the documentation and the software.
For more details and inquiries please write to us.

about company services prices portfolio contacts