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Site or Product Promotion and Positioning.

The most efficient way of promoting site in the Internet is a registration with main Internet directories and search engines. They count by thousands today and include universal, regional, and specialized ones. We work with key search servers that service the majority of the Internet search requests getting closely acquainted with their rules and algorithms, which may substantially differ from one system to another. For the successful registration we optimize HTML code, analyze meta tags, suggest writing new keywords and descriptions especially for Cyrillic versions. We take into accounts behavior patterns of your potential visitors and target audience of your site. The registration itself doesn't take too much time but since the most of search engines refresh their databases not in real time mode but with intervals we make repeat and check approaches for good positioning of the site there.
Sometime we recommend as the best solution for the commercial projects to pay the search engine for the positioning upon definite string of keywords.
Other additional methods of site promotion we use are participation in the Web rings and newsgroups of USENET.
Please don't hesitate to write to us if you have any questions regarding this service.


Your Internet project will become a success when your target audience, your potential customers will find out about it and like it. To achieve such recognition we have to make necessary actions not just during the site development but as well after it is published on the Web.
We can help you to study demographic and geographic features of your target audience here in Ukraine, study other industry sites, and provide valuable advice. We can help to develop the most efficient site structure and navigation.

Media Planning.

New or updated site needs an attention. We offer media planning service for the promotion campaign taking into account your site specifics and advertising budget. We can recommend the best advertising sites in Ukraine and Russia for your web sites and products as well as place your banners or other commercial links there with the best discounts.


Our designers will create for you banners of all standard and non-standard sizes in the most applied technologies including Flash and animated GIF formats, provide assistance in writing animation scripts and copywriting in Russian and Ukrainian. We provide banner impressions via the most of banner exchange networks and Internet advertising agencies of Ukraine and can work with foreign exchanges and agencies. We manage the banners' placements and impressions, provide and analyze statistics and ratios, adjust Internet advertising campaigns with other promotional channels and general advertising plans of our Customers. Also we promote web sites and products via authorized mail lists (when users subscribe to some news, which is by far more efficient and legitimate than spam. We never send spam).

about company services prices portfolio contacts