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Information Search in Ukraine.

We provide such service for customers trying to find information about Ukraine, Ukrainian companies, products, services etc.
We know everything about local search engines and directories and can search, analyze and systemize you results of your requests.


Our primary goal is to help our Customer to utilize Web and the Internet technologies for its business with maximal efficiency. Our specialists are ready to assist you at any stage of preparation or realization of your web project.

Internet integration expertise.

To provide assistance we have to understand the Customer's activity. The depth of such understanding, based upon thorough research and comparison on hi tech analogs worldwide helps in recommendations on applicability of the Internet strategies, budgeting, structure, and technology applied, on business development through such technologies

Internet strategic planning.

We offer not just designing a site but to thoroughly plan business processes using web technologies, marketing and research, Internet market surveys. We work closely with many marketing, research, and venture investment companies and know this market.

Site Testing.

If you have a web site we can test it for serviceability of programs and scripts, convenience of navigation, business functionality. Our recommendations will help you to increase your site and business efficiency.

Site structure optimization.

We can develop the most optimal catalog providing the best access to the information. An efficient navigation and a small number of enclosed levels is a pledge of a good visiting ratio for your site in future.

Surveys and Researches.

We have an experience of conducting marketing surveys on the Web sites. You should know everything about your target audience and its buying capacity and preferences. For companies entering Ukrainian market we provide market analysis and research.

E-Payments in Ukraine.

Web sites or their local versions for Ukraine we recommend the system of online orders with phone/e-mail confirmation as the most acceptable and reliable solution. The payment itself can be processed as a regular bank transfer upon generated and printed out invoice, or as cash upon delivery of online order. We can also provide our customers with graphic interfaces to Internet shops of most software developers but Ukrainian users still possess not to many credit cards, and electronic sales inside the country are limited by outdated tax regulations.

about company services prices portfolio contacts