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A good web site is always a balanced combination of art, convenience, and functionality. Our experience in graphic design and architecture of information systems lets us create beautiful, efficient, and convenient for users web sites.

Graphic design and styling.

Web design is strongly interlaced with general style of the company, its development and management philosophy. Sometimes upon the request from the Customer we start working on site with creation of new logos, trade marks, icons for its modern representation. Then we switch to the graphic concept of the site, the masthead, navigation, and content design. And only then we start to effects, hovers, animation, and Flash. The latter effects and technologies should not overburden the content because users prefer fast downloads, browser compatibility, minimal necessity of downloading plug ins, and the efficient navigation.
All those trifles build the image of the company in the Internet. We believe that design and content combination is successful when site's visitor comes back.
To continue the line of graphic products we offer as well a development of banners, including animated and Flashed ones, 3D design products, presentations, galleries, interfaces for software and applications, and other works.

Site Redesign.

As any promotion product the Web site has to be regularly refreshed and updated. Fashions and styles change, new information technologies appear, Web publication technologies improve. The site can grow so much that owners can't cope with their own information and look for technologic upgrades. Multilingual versions of International sites demand changes too. It became a common rule to cardinally refresh the site look every 2-3 years to gain more attraction and fit into new design and programming/technological concepts. It doesn't mean that the site's owners should change fonts, colors, logos, and information but they undertake changes as their site and the company grows.
If you have any questions regarding our design services please write to us.

about company services prices portfolio contacts